you have reached the 31st coolest site on the web!

hi i'm max! i keep trying to work on this bc the idea of having my own website is fun but School. so i figured i'd start from scratch to make it easier and see what i can figure out

any pronouns are fine, some stuff i like includes blaseball, 17776/20020, ghost trick (switch port!!!!!!!!), psychonauts (ty for the website name idea) and hylics :]

anuw told me to add this image hi anuw

music of the "whenever i update the link again"

don't really know what i want to use this for yet. until then here's a cool wikipedia page

there might be updates here! only big ones though bc i Will edit my site 5 times in the span of an hour just bc i forgot to add a closing tag lol.

btw, sorry if any graphic related stuff is broken here, i do a lot of this stuff in the middle of class and my school really likes blocking things related to neocities | make your own blinkies! | make your own blinkies!

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